Dosage instruction of pt 141

Pt 141 is a peptide which is gaining so much popularity and the success as compared to other peptides. It is the best peptide for bodybuilding when it comes to the muscles enhancing, the process of recovery and act as similar healing properties from the injuries. That’s why this peptide is also called bremelanotide, which is known primarily for recovery and it also treats the function of libido.

So many aspects are there which you have to know about the pt 141 and get various benefits and so many others. If you want to know more about that thing then first you have to know that what is pt 141.

Functions of pt 141

At first, we are going to discuss the functions of the medicine; it is also the most important thing to know about it. With the help of taking pt 141, you will be able to treat the sexual problems in both men and women for increasing their level of desire for intimacy.

At our libido, there is also one hormone which affects it, and that is the dopamine; if the level of the dopamine is slow, then libido of the person is also low. Due to this reason the person is not taking much interest the sexual activities and sexual desire. If you want to improve this hormone then you should take the pt 141, it gives you an effective result which you want.

Pt 141 dosage

As we know that you should take medicine in the form of the injection for giving you an effective result. When you are going to take it then you must read all the instructions very carefully, if you are unable to understand it then must talk to your doctor. Without having less knowledge, don’t take it. Otherwise, you have to face some harmful effects.

Pt 141 also comes in the form of the powder which you have to mix with the bacteriostatic water because it is not delivered in the liquid form.

Facts about the dosage:-

  • Take the dosage of 0.52 mg each time.
  • You should take medicine within 2-4 hours before going to intercourse.
  • In the beginning, you should mix those contents in the same syringe for decreasing the regular injections.

It is the most important thing that you should prepare to take an injection, that’s why you don’t depend on others when you are going to opt for this peptide. Read and follow all the instructions very carefully before injecting pt 141.